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Aloha, I’m Mary Love and this is my sign name, on the heart. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Iowa, grew up there, graduated High School and went on nursing school. I graduated as an

R.N. (Registered Nurse). Then I moved to Colorado, got married, raised four children, and then took a job at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind. There my ASL deepened and I had many deaf mentors for ASL and deaf culture. Later, I became RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) certified with three certifications plus became Legal Qualified, after many hours of study and being mentored.

Later, I divorced, my children were grown, and I moved to Hawaii in 2002. I moved here because my sister lived here. Since then, I’ve worked as a freelance interpreter and also for the two interpreting agencies here in Hawaii. I lived on O`ahu for 12 or 13 years, then decided that was enough of the busy city life for me, so moved to the Big Island, where I absolutely love living and working. I interpret here in all settings, but prefer medical, mental health and legal work. Its very important that an interpreter be a good match for each deaf community person, so I do my best.

I love living here and enjoy island life. I love gardening, biking, swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA and much more. If you see me out in the community, you may or may not already know me, but please say ‘hello’ and know how happy I am to work and serve the community here. I cherish life here! Mahala and Aloha!

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